Monday, March 14, 2011


Monday, February 14, 2011

oh its a very happening day today.
Firstly, i was late in the morning cuz i didnt wanna attend my assembly as my eyes were terribly swollen. And when i was dressing myself up, My so called cousin came to my house and said hello. Like, at 7+?! Then i got shocked. HAHA ok.
then i arrived school and the first lesson was english. So tcher asked us to use some vocabs to write an essay, the happy thing that happened in my life. i wrote bout my friends. Then tcher said mine was quite a good one so she read out. i was like. omg?! Pls dont..

Then during recess, mr sim told me he will be seeing my mum this noon and expect me to be in school. i was so sian 1/2.

K then during maths lesson, we were supposed to finish our worksheets and then we ended up playing poker cards. Mr sseah, my maths tcher then saw and she shout at us like, "wa.. wa... WAA!!!! PLAY CARDS IN MY CLASS HUH?!?" Then she took it away, no choice we had to do it.

Then during the second recess, some doggy came to mess with us. Now my face like cui like that. Not handsome liao :( Thanks my bros, kah siang, darryle, edwin, another one act one la but still, reluctantly a thanks.

Then had to settle it then sigh was supposed to meet jiyoon geraldine edwin zx and xinni. ended up meeting them late. Plus my face like cui how to go other places..

Now i really want to talk to mum badly but she's not even at home -.-

Okay, as usual, the last paragraph is for you.
I've lost all hopes. My desire to have u back is gone. So sorry i got tired of everything that happened. You said i hung u in suspense everynight. what about you? You made me swim in tears everynight, drowning to sleep. My mirth are all gone. If u need me back in your life, tell me. I believe i would still turn back for the damn last time, if you tell me to do so. If u dont need me anymore, please dont talk to me. Let me get over you and put everything down.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Okay i was sick today so i didn't attend school. Hmm. I think i missed alot. Damn. sigh. Today we had 2 periods of chinese and didn't get to see Huici laoshi. Then English lesson had oral and i missed the laughters. Sigh. Then met xinni and gang at school opposite, then went to hub with popo, zo, edwin, xinni, geraldine, sasha, and kim. then bought present for birthday girl. Ha, i'm finnaly home and dead beat. geeez. Bye i needa do d&t while chatting with my baby auszxlovesME

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello dude. watch out your steps cuz you stepped on my tail.
You'll get it tomorrow.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Baby before it's too late.

I thought bout you again. And i fell again.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Firstly, i want to declare my love for my broster, edwin.
He's so wonderful listener and funny friend.
And always got bullied by us! Ok! Edwin Foo Hou Rong i love you muack muack.

Today went to play bball aft school. thn gone home to take bike and change clothes. Went to meet ks and gang again. then went goodspeed to play dota, TOTAL FAIL. Then l4d.
Aft that slacked and now homed. It was really quite summarized cuz i'm really lazy to detail it.
Oh well i'm tired and tmr there is chingayz! :((( LAZY again.

Oh well, you blame me for everything. I'm sorry to say i'm really stupid i don't know how to show that i've changed when you're not even giving me a chance to. Whatever. "I know its all excuses that you didn't want me back. Face it that you no longer feel a thing for me. Damn you. I once decided to wish for the wish for you to come back to me on my bday. But then, well i have to face the fact that wishes don't come true. It was only just a dream. You won't and you won't. U said i have to prove whatever things. So come, prove me that u still love me. Can you do it? I doubt you. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011